Never Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is critical.What you have first thing in the morning can be the making of a perfect day with the right sort of food intake or with the wrong choice, it can lead to hunger mid morning and the inevitable snacking craving. Over the years those ‘couple’ of biscuits every morning will add up to massive weight gain.

 Its what you eat MOST of the time that matters, no one should cut out the odd ‘full English’ breakfast now and then. Life without some sort of indulgence is a bit dull.

Eating loads of bacon along with other processed meats on a regular basis should be avoided, some cancer risks have been identified with high consumption of these types of food.

Cereals have been painted ” bad ” for too long,  in the tabloid press, far from being useless carbs, they shouldn’t be ignored, they do contain fibre, which is essential for good bowel health.  In the west gut problems are a huge issue, whereas studies including the Hadsa tribe with their VERY high fibre diet, show that the bowel problems can be completely eliminated.  

Ultra processed foods should be avoided. It has been reported over and over in the press and medical papers, yet the supermarkets are still full of it. So you will have to be more careful in your choices, read the list of ingredients and only purchase the products with the SIMPLEST list, the less ultra heat  treated, less additives, less wrapped in plastic ( another cancer and testosterone lowering risk) …. the better.

Remember that most ‘ready meals’ , targeted at busy and tired individuals, possibly feeding a family after working all day, are absolutely stuffed with sugar and salt,  contain additives for a long shelf life and come wrapped in plastic, in a plastic tray . Altogether a recipe for disaster for all of us and our planet!

Everyone is busy, but try a few really simple meals mixed through the week and the results will be  great for very little extra effort and will keep you going until lunchtime without snacking. 

Here is a VERY simple list which you could mix up any way you like through a week:

  1. scrambled  eggs once or twice a week, made with fresh eggs and wholemeal bread / toast
  2. Piece of Salmon
  3. Porridge
  4. SIMPLE cereal like Shredded Wheat or Cornflakes with some berries
  5. Cheese on Toast
  6. Beans on Toast
  7. Fresh Sardines
  8. Unsweetened Yoghurt with fruit and nuts

With a bit of thought, adding a little extra something , like raisins with the porridge and grated cheese with the beans on toast makes some of these a bit more ‘special’