Most Powerful Smoothie Maker for 2021

If you are a smoothie convert…. look no further

Prepare delicious Smoothies and Soups with the AMZ Chef Smoothie Maker and Blender

The AMZ Chef has professional specification, its 1500watt motor can whizz up to 26000rpm  . this is a Family size ( 2 litre capacity )  blender that does the tough jobs like ICE , with its 3D designed 6 specially toughened blades, in top quality Stainless Steel, this unit will be still be working in many years time, when your Nutribullet has bit the bullet !  

For your safety there are non slip rubber feet on the base. The Tritan food container is High Impact and BPA  approved ‘food-safe’

The motor base too is shock proof. This is Built-To-Last

Ice crushing and Coffee Bean grinding is a tough job and can make any blender motor heat up. The motor is a huge 1500 watt model, which will last for years but just in case – your AMZChef has overheating protection built in.

If you have a very young family, don’t forget the AMZChef is great for Baby-Food. 

Protect your  family – KNOW whats in their food because YOU made it. 

Make it with the best ingredients and none of the additives, all done in seconds, totally FRESH.

Happy Blending ! 

The AMZChef Blender will be with you for a long time. 

It’s the pro-tool to make Ice Cream, Baby Food, Crushed Ice drinks, Smoothies to make the most of Vegetables and Fruit Nutrition, Soup………