Ketogenic Diet

The Keto Diet

When is a diet not a “diet”:

When its Keto !

Keto is probably the least restrictive diet there is. 

It pumps up the Protein levels and lowers the carbs in a nutshell.

The Liver is sent the fats that are consumed and transforms it into energy, your body needs this energy to be strong and to tire less quickly. 

The Keto diet is well supported by good medical science and practice, unlike many other restrictive diets. Like anything that is long term you do have to adopt new things permanently.  As with exercise you would not suddenly try to lift a huge weight or run a marathon, from scratch , so you  should make dietary changes reasonably slowly and monitor the effects.

What is Keto ?

Ketosis….The word ketogenic is derived from the word “ketosis” which means the state of the body when it doesn’t have enough glucose in it to turn it into energy, so it generates ketones that work as an amazing source of energy for both the body and the brain which makes it a great option for losing weight

How Does it Work ?

By reducing your intake of carbs to almost zero and  replacing it with high fat content foods, your body’s metabolism goes into ketosis – At that point, your body will become far more efficient at burning the fat  for its energy requirement.

 Fat gets converted into ketones inside the liver, which can supply energy for the brain  

There are multiple benefits to this process, Ketogenic diets can cause reductions in blood sugar and insulin levels.  Ideal conditions for the pre-diabetics

The Advantages of the Keto Diet

What Problems are there, with a Keto Diet?

  1. You have to be sure what is in the food you are eating – Carbs, Fat, Sugar, essential nutrients and vitamins.
  2. You must be in calorie deficit.

To get those two things right, day after day…you’ll need to be dedicated – unless you prepare everything you eat, how will you know what is in each meal.  In this busy world who has the time to calculate the calorie values , nutritional values and then prepare everything?

There is a solution

We can prepare a perfectly balanced , nutritionally based , diet process just for YOU.

Built  around YOUR needs, how much weight YOU want to lose, over what period of time. And all scientifically checked for nutritional value, to keep you healthy. 

No need  to spend hours pondering what to cook and what portion size to make. 

All done for you. 

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