Diet and Exercise for Smaller Waist and Thighs

As soon as you’ve read this article – Go  do the exercise straight away. If you leave the idea to swirl around in your head, its not going to happen! 

Whether its “a bit bloated” or  “Muffin Top” there is nothing quite as depressing when you want to look good for an event or holiday than your belly bulging out of your clothes or your thighs starting to rub together…

The average American or British diet is probably to blame, although you may not be eating too many calories, the Quality of those calories, may be causing that bloating and unsightly bulges.

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On top of  just looking bad, being overweight can have a really bad outcome for your long term health. Nuff said, lets get to the “WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT” section

What to do about it

If you want to shift that excess and do it fast…. you’re going to have to do some cardio training.  Many scientific studies have shown it  to be the MOST beneficial form of exercise to reduce belly and thigh fat.

HIIT  High Intensity Training can be used to speed up your results. Gone are the days where you went running for hours. HIIT work outs can give the  same results in minutes. If you are new to this and want to work up to it rather than dive in, especially if you are over 40, sessions of swimming, running and aerobic exercise will give you the results

Combine this with a change of diet and you’ve got a winner. You need to burn calories with exercise AND reduce calorie intake to make the biggest difference. 

For thousands, perhaps even a million years our bodies evolved with a low carb diet. Refined  carbs didn’t even exist. Refined  baked goods pies, cakes, biscuits, chips and batter will soon have you pile on the fat around the thighs and hips. A reporter for the Daily Mail wrote about the massive effect in just one week, that a bad diet can have, it makes very interesting reading  .

It is not however all about low-carb.  Carbs ARE present in vegetables and you need dietary fiber, present in vegetables  so instead of white bread, white rice and soda, choose vegetables and whole grains.

Detailed Diet

Here are a few suggestions for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner – mix and match !

Bk – fresh fruit with natural Yoghurt

Ln – Cottage cheese with ‘cruditees’ of carrot /celery

Dn – Grilled Salmon , lime juice

Bk – Smoothie banana+berries

Ln- Tin Tuna+ Salad

Dn – Stirfry Chiken, bean sprouts, peppers, Chilli

Bk – 2 poached eggs + grilled toms

Ln – Chicken + tomato, onion, olive oil

Dn – Seared Tuna steak, steamed veg

There is no one size fits all, just aim for the main points:

Have some  protein in every meal

Don’t binge, aim for more meals in a day but lighter in quantity, you CAN snack between meals, but stick to unsalted nuts or seeds or a piece of fruit

Drink more water and don’t be tempted to add  anything to flavour it except maybe some lemon juice

Ezee Follow Daily Diet:

If you need something easy to follow, “do it without having to think plan” here is a downloadable Monday to Sunday Diet complete with shopping list that you can implement NOW – don’t think JUST DO IT!  Follow this and you will be on track to better digestion, better skin, better health all round. All the ingredients have been carefully chosen. If you swap out any of the dishes just ensure the calorie count and the nutrition values are similar

Simple Starter Exercise

The key is simple – be consistent , you need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Depending on your age and health, start slowly and build up, but don’t miss days.  

My energetic terriers get me going. I am not allowed to have a day off . Millie will sit and stare and stare….. until I give in. They are always ready for a walk, fortunately I live where there are open fields and woodlands. If you live in a busy city, I would think twice about walking where there is heavy traffic.

 Cycling is great and puts less pressure on the knee joints than jogging. BUT again if you live in a city, those traffic fumes and the danger from other drivers would put me off. A stationary exercise bike would be a good alternative.

Consistent Exercise

Swimming is definitely one of the very best all round workouts. It will build strength and stamina without any of the impact to the joints that running gives. However running is free and swimming is actually quite expensive. Perhaps a swim once a week and more dog walking…  One last word, swimming baths have adult sessions usually later in the day, well worth going later on, when the swimmers are a bit more serious about it, not going just to chat or splash about.

Serious Exercises

 If you want to drop a significant amount of weight, quickly, then HIIT is the way to go, but only if you have a good level of fitness first, check with your doctor before starting any very energetic exercise, especially if you are over 40.

The BBC series by Dr.Michael Mosley included an episode on the benefits of HIIT, definitely worth a watch

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