Britney Tips for that A list look

Not  many can afford top celeb trainer Tony Martinez to help with their fitness regimes. Heres a couple of  top tips given to Britney Spears, from the top man that might help you.

Core Strengthening and Stamina

Tony advises 4 sessions of 40mins to an hour per week, which will include running and running backwards! Excellent for toning the thighs. So add a few backwards laps to your routine and see if it helps

For Thighs Lower Body and Abs

Lying on a comfortable mat, arms at your sides, raise both legs 2 inches, then slowly raise one leg to the vertical position pointing the foot up then flexing it up and down. Lower the leg slowly. Repeat for the other leg over 60 to 90 seconds. If you are a beginner to abs exercise, don’t go overboard with this one at first, it can strain unused muscles too easily. You could try raising from the ground, rather than the initial 2 inches, until you get used to it.