About QuickDietPlan

Hi John Sayles here.

Who am I?  I got interested in the diet industry when a friend became seriously overweight. There were so many pills claiming to be THE cure and so much diet advice that really  did not have any proof or substance behind it, that I decided to find out for myself and put the results up on a blog.

The obesity epidemic is going to have a huge impact on many people as they age. Following the wrong advice can put you at serious risk of illness or injury, so I’ve tried to present all the options with the pros and cons.  As the average life expectancy grows longer, its really important to remain healthy as long as possible. So many of the people I visit have weight  or poor diet related problems that will make their later years very difficult.

Whether you are overweight , just want to tone up or actually build muscles,  I  investigate all the pills, cures, myths, advice and courses out there and find you the most effective, safe methods to go on your way to better health in record time.

I will be sending out great tips and the occasional free info pack by email, so don’t forget to sign up for that ( at the bottom of each page.)

I wish you good health and success  with your diet.