3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Diet

In America and most parts of the developed world, the average diet has far too  many Carbs and too  many Calories. The SAD ( Standard American Diet ) is really not very healthy long term and consists of

– 50% carbohydrates
– 35% fat
– 15% protein

Trouble is, as disposable income increases, so does the number of take-outs and fast food restaurant visits made each week. Great fun for the family, tasty and ok for an occasional treat but day to day…. it’s a quick way to make your long term health suffer.

As described elsewhere on my blog, excess carbs will be stored in the body as fat, an energy store. Its just the way the body works.

Tip Number One… Next time you visit your fave restaurant, Ditch the burger bun! Just eat the burger

Wonderful Homemade Burger So easy to make

Tip Number Two… Take your time!

It has been shown that slowing down when eating, provides a suitable ‘gap’ for your stomach to say “hey I’m full” . So, Yes, you can still have the burger and fries and enjoy the company  of your family, but with those two simple tips you can limit the damage. You may also find, especially if you are over 40, that you have less indigestion and other little problems.  Recently one of my family had a job in a fast food place for a short time and OH, the stories that came out of that!! Some of the more regular visitors , and some came every working day… must be living on antacid tablets day to day

Tip Number Three.. Cut down the processed ‘food’

In a nutshell fast food generally  has too much fat, not enough protein and there’s rarely a vegetable in sight (not including pickles on hamburgers). It’s the protein in food that makes you feel full. It will make you less likely to want to snack between meals. To make matters worse – apparently 3 out of 4 visits to a restaurant are actually a fast food joint where the food is heavily processed,  is NOT designed to make us feel full and satisfied. Who else has every visited those famous arches and thought “I could eat that again” Judging by the obese population – I bet it’s lots!

Well the key to getting it all right is stop seeing factory processed and pre-prepared food as food. They’re products. Change your perception of what food really is.
Then start cooking from scratch. Use whole foods. Use real ingredients. You’ll get a better balance of macronutrients (the carbohydrates, proteins and fats) plus you’ll get more
micronutrients too (these are the vitamins and minerals essential for our bodies and our health).

I guess what I’m saying is you need to eat food. Just like your Grandparents and their Grandparents did. Eat real food. You’ll feel fuller for longer. Your hunger will be satisfied.
You’ll eat fewer calories and ingest more nutrients. You’ll lose weight without actually adjusting the amount you eat. And – you’ll   live a longer, healthier life.
In this article I wanted to simply give you 3 little tips which you can use during your week. Its  how to ease back into the right road, in simple steps. Its ok to visit the fast food joint occasionally , I don’t want to imply that some foods are bad period. Get you to understand that not all foods are equal. That it’s not just about feeling full. It’s about getting the right MICRO and MACRO nutrients into your diet.

The macronutrients we’re all familiar with. The micronutrients come with real food and especially in our fruits and vegetables. You don’t have to kill yourself going on a crazy diet.
Just start to eat real food.