How we get fat

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The body’s mechanism for storing or losing fat is controlled by a hormone called insulin. When you move about, lift something, run, walk or climb, you will USE up some energy, this comes from either your body’s fat stores or from carbohydrates.

How to get your  body to burn its fat stores

If your insulin levels go down, you burn fats, instead of carbs. To slow down the secretion of insulin, cut back on sugars and starches, or carbs as they are more commonly called.  A byproduct of doing that is that your kidneys will get rid of more water and sodium, so you will start to feel less bloated and heavy quite quickly. For women this is complicated by estrogen levels and other hormonal changes which naturally lead to some degree of water retention.

So there is the first key: Cut the carbs , lower the insulin level. You will then almost automatically eat less calories and not feel hungry.  Contrast that with the ‘starvation’ type diet.

If you consume less than 1000 calories you will  quickly become very hungry, this is not sustainable and is the chief reason people just give up with a diet, it is too hard. It is not sustainable for another very important reason, you will start to lose  muscle rather than fat!  Exercising whilst dieting is essential if you are to avoid muscle and lean body mass. It will keep your muscle mass and keep your metabolism from going down.  This is the second important Key to a successful diet – exercise the right amount.  Weight lifting and cardio several times a week is the  usual recipe for success.  Do not go overboard with the exercise though, especially if you have been inactive for years. It will not be effective, diet wise and will lead to stress, or severe stress.

Another Key Point, regarding the food you choose. Many so called ‘low fat’ products on the supermarket shelves are actually the reverse, some even coated in sugar to improve taste, this will lead to you feeling hungrier so you end up eating more. Avoid these at all costs.

As mentioned in another post, processed foods really are to be avoided. Study after study has been published showing just how these are adding to the epidemic of obesity and causing many other health problems. Causing Inflammation of the gut , they are all too easy to over consume, whereas whole foods are self limiting , so where it is possible, choose single ingredient foods and ones that are not processed, to aid digestion and overall weight stabilisation.